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So wanda, Tell us a little about the brand – what’s your inspiration behind it?

Starting my own fashion brand was forever a dream of mine. Frankly speaking, I’ve never had enough courage to start it until… I became a mum! Now, I get it. It doesn’t seem very logical to start your own business whilst your hands are full looking after a toddler. Nevertheless, having my daughter made me really believe in my dream and eventually I decided to go and get it.

For me it was about creating a brand that celebrates women by ‘smuggling’ a little bit of ‘dolce vita’ into the New Zealand fashion market. I simply wanted to have a little fun with fashion. Perhaps trying to escape the seriousness of life somehow.

wanda, Tell us your brand values, what makes Wanda unique?

Wanda stands for more than just clothes. It stands for individual style, for courage to be different, for courage to be your true, and non-apologetical self. It stands for woman-to-woman camaraderie and empowerment. It stands for freedom to dream big and small.

I wanted to make sure all of those values apply across everything within the brand, so I started with its name.

Girl applying lipstick in zebra print dress from wanda

Wanda is actually my grandmother’s name, and my daughter’s second name. My personal tribute to the women, who have had a massive impact on my life. Two out of a number of brave, smart, funny and beautiful women I want to talk about across my fashion platform. So, to continue with this thought, all of Wanda’s items are, and will be named after women I admire. To tell their stories.  

Tell us more about what makes up Wanda pieces?

My late grandmother, Wanda was a smart, loving and hard-working woman. She was also very cheeky and had the best sense of humour ever. This is exactly what I want to communicate through Wanda pieces – have a little fun, laugh a lot, party till the break of dawn, dance on the tables, eat delicious food and create wonderful memories with people that lift you up. That’s all.

Describe the typical Wanda girl.

Wanda girls are girls just like you and me. Friends. Sitting on the beach. Heels thrown away somewhere (we’ll find them later). The party has ended. But we are not finished. Eating a takeaway and staring at the rising sun through our dark sunglasses. The only sound we hear is the melody of the waves going in and out of the shore. Don’t we live for these exact moments?

Why is sustainability important to the Wanda?

Sustainability is and will always be at the heart of Wanda. Small, local business. Handmade pieces, released in small batches. Most of the fabric locally sourced and crafted on my kitchen table… Not in a rush. I’m taking the fashion slowly, thinking this is only the beginning…

Girl taking selfie in red dress from wanda

What made you incorporate rental into the brand?

I think that renting our pieces is an important aspect of Wanda’s sustainability ambition. For me it’s about making the brand accessible, readily available and future ready. It’s aligning with today’s busy, but conscious customer lifestyle. I truly believe that renting will become an integral part of everyone’s life sooner than we think.

Check out wanda’s pieces available for rent here.

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