Introducing Shibui – Shibui represents the simple and aesthetic beauty, which knows its origin as a conscious brand.

Please tell us a little about the origin of the brand, what was the inspiration in creating it?

Shibui, a Japanese word, refers to simple and aesthetic beauty, which knows its origin as a conscious brand. Our name was born with such an exceptional essence for sustainable fashion as it contains inner beauty and feels protective toward the planet Earth.
Shibui is the perfect amalgamation of eco-friendly and recyclable clothing. 

Tell us more about what makes up a Shibui piece, fabric, design, etc?

At Shibui, we use handwoven khadi in our collections. It’s a versatile material locally made in India. We work with weaver clusters all over India.

Tell us a couple of your brand values, what makes Shibui unique?

Our Core Values:
1. Timeless versatile designs
2. Promote Local Artisans
3. Quality over Quantity
4. Zero waste living: There is no such thing as ‘away’.
5. Sustainable. Slow. Eco-Responsible

Describe the typical ‘Shibui girl’

Shibui girl is a modern, practical, educated, environmentally conscious woman. She practices minimalism as a lifestyle and is an advocate for sustainable living.

Why is sustainability important to the Shibui brand?

Sustainability is a huge part of Shibui’s conception. At Shibui, we believe that we are the drivers of change. We must contribute to this movement in the best way we can; by creating contemporary clothes that are ethically and sustainably made which can find a permanent home in a modern woman’s closet.

What made you incorporate rental into the brand?

We think that rental can help people dip their toe into the world of sustainable living. People are generally quite hesitant to pay a higher price for sustainable and eco-friendly clothes. So, we hope to help them get a feel for this new life which is good for not only them but also the environment.

To see Shibui’s rental collection exclusive to Our Closet, click here.

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